Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was in another room, probably doing something worthwhile, like flossing, when I overheard PB&J talking to the Middle Carrotstick. PB&J, a little forlornly, said:

"I've always wanted a chainsaw."


A chainsaw????

A friend of mine says she has always wanted a yellow Mustang.

For me, it's been a robins egg blue VW bug convertible.

But I also really like gadgets. Cool, new gadgets.


(Taken with my new camera/phone.)

(The guy told me this phone/camera/wonder gadget was SO GOOD I would never want to use my other camera. Right.)

What's the secret (or not-so-secret) desire of your heart?

(You guys have done such a nice job of commenting!!! It just warms the cockles of my heart! I commend you, and, once again, invite all of you non-commenters to give it a try! --

It's fun! I promise!)


miranda said...

How was camping? We missed you at book club- it wasn't the same without you! Reading your blog is my treat- it truly is soo much fun! I love to get on and see what funny things you have to say!

Amy said...

I think I have to side with PB&J, chainsaws are just plain fun! I know girls aren't supposed to like them, but they put oh so much power in your hands.

The Duvall Family said...

The secret of my heart is to lose five inches off my waist and look I did when I got married (minus a love handle or two and some stretch marks). My father-in-law just laughs at me and tells me it's impossible but I did it before and I will do it again!

Head Nurse/Patient- you be the judge said...

My not so secret desire has been a red convertible mustang- I have been told that it is completely impractical. So what?

Shem said...

I really would like to have a car that is completely decked out. Sun roof, heated seats, the works. If that car was a Honda, I would be in heaven. Alas, there is a little thing called a budget. :(

Kellye and Jon said...

I totally got my secret desire. Can we all say that I am a huge nerd, but a happy one who drives a mini van. WooHoo! Now put on your best Austin Powers accent and say "Yeah Baby"

kninsa said...

My secret desire is to go to a drive-in movie in the back of a truck with some kettle corn, a bottle of whipped cream, and my darling.

jana said...

My secret desire changes often. Looking at our living room right now, my desire is for a self-cleaning home...that would be sooo cool. However, when my house is clean I dream of Hawaiian vacations, cuisine, and adventures.

Kate said...

a washer and dryer! is that too much to ask for? I'll throw a garbage disposal in there too.

Dani said...

You already know- I'm the yellow mustang girl... and I just heard some bad news for us, involving you... Good luck though!