Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the district

According to the now misplaced Mr. Beaver Mountain & Farm Girl,
all the Cool Kids refer to Washington, District of Columbia as merely "The District."

Being thus enlightened, I thought I'd share other some other COOL things with you.

Cool: A detour to Room and Board in Denver, courtesy of the GPS.
Not Cool: A detour that lets you see the St. Louis Arch only from the FREEWAY, courtesy of the *blank-ity blank* GPS.

Cool: Revisiting your old junior high, knowing you never have to go back there again.
Not Cool: Knowing your kids still have to face junior high.

Cool: The high humidity "smoky" mists that enshroud the famed Smoky Mountains.
Not Cool: The high humidity makes it hard to keep cool, and impossible to keep my hair straight.

Cool: The prodigious mansions of two of our nations presidents.
Not Cool: The prodigious amount of money Farm Girl will have to pay to rent an apartment that is the modern equivalent of George Washington's slave quarters. (Not quite. But close. Actually, their apartment is nice. But expensive. And it doesn't include a chicken coop.)

Cool: Finding the portrait of an ancestor in the National Portrait Gallery, and looking for family resemblances. (See any similarities?)
Not Cool: Finding pictures on your camera that your baby sister took when you were unaware. (Ok, so the pictures are just ridiculous, not uncool.)

Cool: Viewing "The District" from the roof of Mr. Beaver Mountain's office building.
Not Cool: Viewing the sore on my foot, after a day of walking around "The District" and just a few museums. (Warning: The following pictures may be disturbing. Viewer Discretion is advised.)

. . .

On second thought, just imagine the sore on my foot, and instead, enjoy this picture: (That would be a side view of the White House of the left side of the picture.)


Cool: My sister, Farm Girl.

Not Cool:

Leaving my sister 2000 miles away in Washington, District of Columbia.

Very, Very Not Cool.

p.s. arch picture originally downloaded by http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeweidman/ because, as you will remember, we couldn't get close enough to it to take a picture of our own.

p.s.s. if you care, you can click on any of the small pictures and get a larger view.


kninsa said...

VERY nice! Great pics, great blog, hope you had fun!

(If you'd like, I have a picture of Shem listening to the Arch. Don't ask; it's a bizarre story.)

Kate said...

I'm glad you like that picture we left for you. It was taken at Monticello, in case you didn't notice.