Monday, October 6, 2008

conference call

Dear Sisters:

As you know, General Conference was last weekend.

And you know how we like to commemorate conference -- listening to it on the radio as we camp in the mountains.
I was going to gloat about how beautiful the mountains were, and tell you how much fun we were going to have, and list all the yummy food we were going to make and eat, and in general, really rub it in, since you are so far away and wouldn't be able to join us this year. Just so I could make you jealous. (Aren't I a nice big sister?)

Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, we were unable to celebrate conference in the traditional way. Conference was wonderful, as usual. We really enjoyed it. But it would have been fun to be in the mountains.

And since my evil plan to make you jealous won't work, I'm going to have to settle for trying to make you homesick.

So, dear family, while you are far, far away, this is what your homeland looks like:
Enjoy our autumnal splendor!


Kate said...

you are so mean!!!

kninsa said...

I can't believe you canceled a tradition due to "inclement weather." Non-believer!

Jenni said...

Did you take all of the pictures on this post because they are beautiful. Also your daughter looks so beautiful in that picture.

Amy said...

What a nice sister..letting them see exactly what they are missing! I think I ended up sleeping through most of it. Their voices are so soothing.

Allyson said...

That sounds fun, so sad that the weather ruined your fun!

Farm Girl said...

Oh yeah? Well, um, and, yeah, like that, so there!

YOU are not a nice person. Hmph.

Nanette said...

*sigh* someday we will see colorful leaves in the fall again.
Thanks for the pictures. You served your evil purpose ;)

Amber said...

Now that is an awesome tradition. Those photos are really amazing.

Kate said...

again, you are evil. But don't worry, I was here in Chi town looking out over the lake all while listening to conference, it was almost like camping.

But let me emphasize again, you are mean!!!