Thursday, October 30, 2008

happy halloween

PB&J has been in a real quandry, wondering what he should be for Halloween this year.

Should he dress up as a Hunter?

A Chainsaw Massacre-er?

A Backwoodsman?

Or a Yogi?

Hard to say.

In the end, he has decided to be a Devoted Husband for Halloween, and is taking me out of town for a mini-vacay this weekend.

My Mom and Dad are going to be Surrogate Parents for Halloween. If you see them at the Trunk-or-Treat or at the school costume parade, give them a high-five for me, will you? (And let them know their Parent costumes are very realistic!)

Hope your Halloween is Spook-tacular!


Allyson said...

Ahh...the devoted husband costume. Where can one find one of those? Every where I have checked say they are all out. BUMMER!

DailyFamily said...

That sounds like my way to celebrate the holiday! Have a great trip!