Thursday, October 23, 2008



Apparently I lost most of you on my last post.

You probably clicked away from my blog, scratching your head and thinking "huh?"

Treat=Poet(ry)? Doesn't really make sense.

Reaching, my friends. That is what we call reaching, or even: grasping.

Yesterday the Oldest Carrotstick

(who is not seeing eye to eye with me much this week)

accused me of not being "real" on my blog.

So here it is

The Real Truth of it All:

Are you ready?

Brace yourself.

Being The Mom is hard.

metimes I feel like my soul is being sucked out of me.

It's probably lodged in the vacuum with all the dog hair and dust bunnies.

I don't know for sure.

On the flip side, at times, the Oldest Carrotstick thinks I'm the Dementor to her Harry Potter. (Remember Killer of Joy?)

And sometimes the Oldest Carrotstick thinks I'm mean.

(I am.)

And sometimes I have to remind myself that the Oldest Carrotstick's brain is slowly being rewired during these trying teen-age years.

(It is.)

And that, my friends, is the real 4-1-1.

She is a good, darling girl.

I LOVE her.

I still love being a mom.

But motherhood can have it's moments, all the same.

That's when it's good, very good, to read this talk by Elder Ballard from April General Conference.

We will survive.

(but thank goodness PB&J -- the Great White Hunter-- is back.)

Just trying to keep it real.

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DailyFamily said...

(You don't have to post this comment)
I've met you 2 times-once at Wymount and once visiting Nan in the ICU. So not a whole lot of "getting to know you" time, but I was impressed both times. Reading your blog is a highlight. Being a mom is hard. Being LDS is hard. Being alive is hard. Thanks for the funny perspective on all of it.

Friend of Ubermom.

Kate said...

sounds like it is time for a little vacation to the happiest place on earth. And it's warm there too. Hold in there.

BTW, I didn't ever see a post for a giveaway. Which post was it??

Amber said...

Thanks for the reminder of a great talk. And sorry you were having a PMS day! Being a Mom is hard, but more so on PMS days.

Character. It is all supposed to build character, right? Cheers for hard things! Ummm. Maybe.

Shem said...

Sadly... do you ever wonder what you put YOUR mom through? I do and want to go hug her.

the lunch lady said...

thanks for the kind words! I saw your comments in my inbox, and I thought "Oh yay! Friends!"

Daily Family -- I remember you and and I know you are such dear friends to Chris and Nan. I would love to read your blog -- if you want to invite me. You can email me at

and Kate -- if you were really a devoted reader of the blog, you would know I had a giveaway last Tuesday. :P

Kristen said...

this was a good post. relatable. humorous. slightly disturbing.

my biggest "issue" about being a mom/human is that I wish i had more self-motivation. I wish that laziness did not constantly seep deep into my bones and make me want to do nothing at all, and be all cranky about it.

soul-sucking sounded about right...

Farm Girl said...

I don't know anything about being a mom, but I think you are great and a great mom.

P.S. I have a really nice air mattress and sofa(!) for anytime you need a mini-vacay.

Amy said...

I have to agree with farm girl. You are a great mom..raising a great girl, who as all teenage girls has their moments of "keeping it real". I think my Mom was ready to put me up for adoption when I was a teenager..she still might debate doing it even today.