Wednesday, October 8, 2008

smarty pants

I spent an hour in a car today with this group crazyswho laughed hysterically over and over and over and over while trying to say the following tongue-twister:
"One smart fellow, he felt smart."

Said over and over and over as fast as possible by a giggling group of boys it came out, more often than not:

"One smart fellow, he smelt fart."


ha ha





Farm Girl said...

Yeah, I don't think I am going to teach my husband that one. They may age, but they don't get much older.

kninsa said...

Boys rule!

Smelt farts hahahahahahaha

Good one.

jana said...

In the male world any digestive type noise, created or heard, is funny, manly, and a work of art. However, notable works of art, like a nice pedicure or a new haircut, usually go unnoticed. I apologize for any farts you smelt from a couple of those smart boys?!!

Allyson said...

What is it with boys and bodily functions/noises, namely those involved in the digestive system? I just don't get it.

valmike said...

I haven't heard that one since I was in 5th grade! Haha. Boys don't change over the decades.

Nanette said...

I admit, we laughed hysterically even BEFORE Chris came home.

Amber said...

And of course they are making goofy faces. It seems to create great boy bonds, I suppose. Davin always likes the goofy pictures best. Forget a regular smile. BORING.

What a great group of cute boys.