Tuesday, October 14, 2008

trading treats tuesday, and . . . !!!!!

Did I ever tell you how much I love General Conference?

I really do.

But that's not my Treat for today. Oh no. Even though one of my favorite talks was by President Uchtdorf. (The Oldest Carrotstick really likes President Uchtdorf -- mostly because she thinks he has great hair.)

In his talk from the Relief Society Broadcast he talked about being creative and compassionate. It was good. You can read it here, if you missed it.

Now, even though my procreative powers haven't turned out to be very strong, I do like to make things. At one point, in a former life, I was even guilty of excessive scrapbooking. I know, it's hard to believe because I don't have a single scrapbook in my house. Actually, that's not true. I have two empty binders. But somewhere, floating around in my craft room, is a collection of finished random scrapbook pages. With that fact haunting my past, I do still regularly exchange "paper crafts" with some friends.

This last exchange did not go well -- for me. Everyone else's projects were cute and darling. But even after much weeping, wailing, and teeth gnashing, mine ended up being, well, just dumb. And ugly. And stupid. I felt guilty about even giving them to my friends. But something was expected, so I had to hand them over. I felt compelled to wear sunglasses and trenchcoat to the exchange, so no one would recognize me. Not really. But I thought about it.

The whole experience was very demoralizing. I was about ready to sell all my scrapbooking crap on eBay.

But President Uchtdorf's talk convinced me to try, try again. And then, our ward hosted a fun Super Saturday this last weekend where I became addicted to making these:
(They are silk flower clips. They are cute -- in case you couldn't tell. And I know why people sell these -- because they are so fun to make that they just can't stop, even though they don't need anymore themselves. I made them because they were there, but the Oldest Carrotstick is in love with them and has coordinated all her outfits this week to match the flower clips. She is wearing a yellow one today, clipped to a headband. She wore the purple center clip yesterday and said she even had a couple of boys compliment her on it. She thinks it's weird when boys notice those sorts of things. Wow!! I am really feeling chatty today. It's like I haven't talked to an adult in a month! I'm almost finished, I promise.)

So, long story short, the flower clips reaffirmed President Uchtdorf's talk -- creating is good. And, enjoying the good karma from the clips, I decided to remake my Halloween paper crafting projects. And they turned out so much better this time!

And guess what?

I made extras! So, if you want to leave me a little comment on this post -- and you have till the next Trading Treats Tuesday to comment -- I will enter all the comments into a bowl or Random Generator and pick a winner. And then next Tuesday, a little ghost might deliver the following collection of Halloween goodies on your doorstop, or mailbox.

There. I'm finally done.

My Treat: successful creativity.

Your Treat
: tell me, and you might win these: Cards.

And a candy canister.
You will only get one -- this is just to show you what the whole thing looks like. If I have a modicum of self-control, I'll put candy in it for you. But only if I don't eat it all first.

Really, you can enter even if you hate Halloween, or even if you think these cards are still ugly and stupid -- despite the reworking. Remember: regifting is the gift that keeps on giving!

Come on, play along. Let me do as President Uchtdorf counseled -- let me share the love.

Maybe if you really twist my arm, I'll make you a flower clip.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

of course they are awesome- you made them, and I would bet good money (which Pres. Uchtdorf would not approve of) that your first attempts weren't too shabby either-

jana said...

I would consider myself blessed to have just a tiny slice of your creativity...everything you make is awesome and unique!!! My treat today is fall sales. I love to find a great deal...it makes me feel like I've found the buried treasure!

Shem said...

My treat today is having lunch with an old friend. It is fun to catch up with people we miss.

Allyson said...

Your canisters are so cute! I agree with the oldest carrot stick - Pres. Uchtdorf does have great hair.

Jenni said...

I also loved Pres. uctdorf's talk for the RS meeting.
My treat today is fruit leather and dehydrated apples. I love this time of year (harvest time).

Kirsten said...

I don't know what you are talking about... you are SO creative!!! Love the cards and the hair clips. I am a little obsessed with making those hair clips too and I don't even have a girl!!!! My poor boys are in for it!

Nanette said...

Saying you are no longer creative is like saying you should have added another bay leaf!
I will never doubt your creativity!
If I win, will you pretty please throw in a flower?

miranda said...

OK, I have girls so you MUST show me how to make the flower hair clips. They are darling, and ofcourse the canisters and Halloween decor. My treat is pumpkin pancakes that we made for breakfast! YUMM!!

kninsa said...

Silk flower clips? And you say people love them to the point of addiction?

My goodness. I'd rather "create" some smelly farts. Sounds funner.

Dani said...

The "originals" are just as cute. I think mine were horrible. So now to make up for my lack of creativity I have started working on my projectS with an S to make up for it.

You are so creative. (I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk too.)

Amber said...

Nicki counted 23 silk flowers at church after super Saturday. =D

I really love President Uchtdorf's RS talk as well. My treat is when my kids create. I notice it makes them happy and satisfied to contribute by creating.

I love your creations! They are inspiring and fun.

Melanie said...

I was planning on making hundreds of those clips at Super Saturday, but when I couldn't go I realized my girls would just have to suffer through life without cute flower clips. They won't be scarred for life, right?

My treat this week is READING. Not any particular book, author, or story, just reading. I haven't been getting much of anything done lately because I reminded myself how much I love to READ, and I just can't put a book down! It's entirely possible that I may read through the entire library by the end of the year. Yikes!

Amy said...

That is just plain crazy talk you saying you aren't creative. I wish I had a sliver of your creativity. The girls in YW are very lucky to have you and your creativity at the helm! I know this one is "old" but I have been away from the blogging world and all it's goodness.