Friday, October 3, 2008

toasted marshmallow kabobs

Dear Young Women and valiant Leaders:

Thank you for coming to my house the other night to make dinner for a sister in the ward. I'm sure her husband was very grateful he didn't have to cook when she came home with their new baby. Like the evil superstore says "Good works". (Just another example of the philosophies of men mingled with the Real Stuff).

Thank you also for not openly gagging at the appalling condition of my stovetop drip pans. I appreciate that you refrained from calling ch!ld protective services and the he@lth department after seeing how disgusting they were.

I am happy to report the following:
They are now scrubbed spotlessly clean. (If only Jenni's tag wanted pictures of my drip pans. I would be happy to comply. I'm still screwing up my courage to do the rest of her tag. Maybe for Halloween -- the pictures would be frightful.)

But, back to Good Food Friday.

Today, in honor of my labors, I am sharing another family recipe, complete with pictures.

This is a little something my mom taught me (thanks Mom!).

Agoraphobics Anonymous Official Roasted Marshmallows


bamboo skewer


miniature marshmallow

Turn the heat way up on your cooktop (this works with both gas and electric stoves.)
Insert stick into marshmallow, leaving enough stick exposed to hold onto.

Grasping the skewer/toothpick, hold the marshmallow over the heat source, rotating regularly. When uniformly browned, remove marshmallow from heat and eat -- being careful not to burn your mouth.

Though it is sometimes entertaining make a burnt offering of your marshmallow over a campfire, I don't recommend you try Flaming Death while inside. And of course, take all appropriate precautions, wear appropriate personal protective safety equipment, and just plain be smart when cooking.

One other option:

When Peeps Marshmallow Wonders of Creation are available in grocery stores, it is sometimes fun to roast them on a stick. The heat does beautiful things to the sugary coating. Mmmmmmmm.
Give it a try!


Nanette said...

Ah! I remember roasting some peeps with you!

Shem said...

Ok... confessions...

When I was a kid, and left alone in the house, I would do THAT with a fork. I thought it was the greatest thing ever... Never got caught, but as an adult I can see that a bamboo skewer is a MUCH better option. How did I never kill myself?

Allyson said...

I love doing that! I always start out with the intention of making a s'more but once I can smell toasted mallow it is all over and said mallow meets its maker.

valmike said...

The ghost peeps for Halloween looked beautiful on fire!

Jenni said...

yummy, I love smores and so I really like the fact that I can still enjoy them all winter long. Thanks for the peeps tip too.

Amber said...

That sounds delicious and would be really fun and easy! No fire smoke!
Love, Megan