Wednesday, October 22, 2008

trading treats tuesday and a winner!

Lest my last post has led you to believe harbor some resentment or deep dislike for poets, let me immediately decry that idea.

I have the highest regard for really good poets and poetry. I think this part of Tate's poem is genius:

"Then Dr. Bluespire leaned over his shoulder
and whispered into his ear:
"You look like a god sitting there.
Why don't you try writing something?"

Genius! I tell you!

And poetry seems to be a great way to express ideas difficult to convey in regular prose.

It's just that so often poetry doesn't go beyond the typical AA BB CC rhyme pattern --


Mary had a little lamb --
It was a girl, and not a ram.

It followed her to school one day
And there for 12 years had to stay.

And when 'twas time to grad-u-ate
Her love for learning did not sate

Lo, six more years did pass away
The lamb had earned her M.B.A.

See, it rhymes, but it's not great poetry by any means.

So, all poetry is not created equal. That little rhyme by no means compares to Shakespeare, or the artist commonly known as Shakespeare -- whoever he really was.

Once, a long long time ago, I had to take a class called "The Rhetoric of Shakespeare". It was taught by a man named Gideon. Not the Gideon of Gideon's Bible. But his name did bring to mind the youngest brother in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. I longed to call him
just one time.
I waited, in vain, the entire semester for this Gideon to break out in song and dance on the rafters at a barn raising. It would have made class much more interesting. Especially since it was a night class, and those are incredibly long and somewhat mind numbing.

One thing Professor Gideon did do -- long may his tenure reign -- was make us write a Shakespearian type sonnet -- a fourteen line poem, in iambic pentameter. As an example, he wrote a lovely sonnet to Toast. I, myself, failed miserably in sonnet writing. I kept trying to force the meter, and he would not let me get away with it. I rewrote and rewrote and rewrote. I don't think I ever got it right. And I won't even tell you what my grade was.

All of that is just to say that I do admire and respect a good poet and his/her work.

So for this Trading Treats Tuesday, I am celebrating: Poetry, especially if it says what we ourselves can't find the words to say. And I'm also admiring -- poets who choose to write in iambic pentameter and do it right.

In parting, let me share one of my favorite works of performance art. Just a word of warning, the subject matter is definitely not G rated. Maybe more PG. It's Mike Meyers. What more can I say.

Oh wait! Before we part ways, I must announce the winner of my giveaway! After an extremely random generation: Nanette wins! I'll send you your loot ASAP. As always, thanks for playing!

And, last but not least,

What's your treat for today?!


Nanette said...

Mari had a little can
She sent it off to little Nan
And everywhere that Nanette went
She said, “Look what my awesome sister-in-law sent!”

My treat for today is having absolutely NO school volunteering scheduled for today--just R&R Yea! :)

Allyson said...

Gideon has always been my favorite of the 7 brothers! My treat for today is a nice cold Diet Pepsi to pull me out of my midday shlump. Yummy!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Lovely Poetry submitted by Nanette!

My TRICK or treat is that my internet was off from 10:00 until 3:30- BOO!!! Missed chatting with my boy. But the treat of still hearing from him is pretty sweet- even if it was late.

bonnie jack said...

haha! i love that movie!

one of my nephews so wanted me to name my baby gideon that he actually calls him that whenever he sees him. maybe i'll go for it with my next son...

Melanie said...

Gideon was always my favorite brother, too. However, I knew, just KNEW, that someday I would marry someone who looked just like Benjamin -- which, of course, is why I was Dorcas whenever my sisters and I pretended we were those lucky girls.

My treat this week is SLEEP, at least it would be if we were getting more of it around here. Evelyn has decided a really long blink counts as a nap and it's only worth sleeping at night if you're snuggling warmly between your parents all night long and reminding them you're there with loud, demanding screams every hour or two. Sorry I didn't make it to YW tonight, but Evelyn's tired and cranky screaming wouldn't have helped anyone get anything done. I hope it was a great night! Now I'm going to bed while the baby is sleeping... shhhh